Yr 5 Persuasive advert success criteria.

This week Yr 5 in literacy have been looking at adverts. We had to create a success criteria for what we would need to put in one. Here is our success criteria :

~Use present tense.

~Use a question to engage he reader.

~Pronouns to involve the reader.

~Use facts and statistics.

~Use exaggeration.

~Use superlatives.

~Use emotive language.

~Use conditionals/consequences.

~To use complex sentences with a range of punctuation.

~Website and offers.

~Labelled diagram.



~Explanation of what the gadget can do.




Spy Gadget Project

We are reading the book Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz in class. It is our secret mission to create a new spy gadget that can be used by Alex Rider. We need to create a diagram of our gadget with labels explaining what it is and how it works. We also need to think about why the gadget is important for Alex. After we have designed our gadget we will be writing a persuasive advert to sell our gadget to the Secret Service.


Sports Development

Fitness Assessment by Sports Development
We had an exciting morning, last Friday, with Sports Development completing a fitness assessment. We tested our physical development and fitness by completing Squats, press ups, sprints 5m-10m-5m, standing jumps and 1m throws. Our results will be stored on an online database which we will be able to view. It will then give us activities to help improve particular areas of our physical development. These activities will help us to improve our balance, core strength, aerobic ability and throwing and catching skills.


Year 5’s Number Square Challenge

On Friday Y5 did a Factors and Multiples Challenge